Payment Page Branding

Get a fully branded payment page on all available interfaces to boost purchase conversion, reinforce brand recall and build client’s trust.

Payment subdomain placement in a secure PCI DSS zone

Create a branded subdomain of the site located on SBC servers in a secure PSI DSS zone. You’ll provide a completely branded payment page, avoiding the need to obtain a PCI DCC certificate.

Customizable payment forms

Comprehensive branding of any payment forms used during the purchasing process.

You have the freedom to change:
• page background,
• corporate fonts,
• logo,
• corporate graphic patterns,
• any other identifying elements.

Combine all supported payment methods on a single page using the multi-payment form. The client chooses their preferred payment method with no hassle!

API for mobile payments

API for mobile payments can be adapted to suit the company’s corporate style. As a result, your client will make the payment directly in the application and payment details will be processed in the SBC secure environment.

Screen branding of mPOS and POS terminals

Customize your terminals and tablets under your own brand.

Customize your terminals and tablets
under your own brand.

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